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                           Survey from Whitney Dotson about East Bay Regional Parks Use
We are a citizen's group working with Whitney Dotson to increase the use of the East Bay Regional Parks. We are conducting this survey to build partnerships for healthy cities, ecosystems, economies and for resilience. We plan to share this information with the community, the Park District, professional organizational developers and planners. The survey takes less than 5 minutes. Please feel free to forward it to anyone whose response should be considered. We will follow up with submitted surveys to learn about your suggestions for access to the Regional Parks.
RECLAIMING RICHMOND By Tim Holt - San Francisco Chronicle, Whitney Dotson knows where the wild mustard greens grow along Richmond's shoreline. Whitney Dotson knows where the wild mustard greens grow along Richmond's shoreline . . .
    . . . Dotson, 62, his face framed by graying dreadlocks, has the sunny disposition of a born optimist. And he has a vision for his hometown's future, one that would embrace and preserve most of the green shoreline of this industrial city.
    Growing up in a place like Richmond can sharpen your appreciation for such things as green spaces and wildlife.
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(Courtesy of EcoCity ) - Rick Bacigalupi (huge thanks) went for a walk with Whitney Dotson to discuss his work and the upcoming Summit ...
Watch the Video >>

Saving the Marsh Los Angeles Times Postcard from Parchester Village By Aleta George, Aleta George is a columnist for Bay Nature magazine

Whitney Dotson was 5 years old when he moved into the brand-new house his father bought on Jenkins Way in Parchester Village. It was the early 1950s, and the planned 420-house development was Richmond's first subdivision in which an African American could buy a home...
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Forum attendees seek to save land By Linda Davis CONTRA COSTA TIMES

RICHMOND - From environmentalists to residents to land owners, almost 100 people gathered Saturday for a forum to rally support for preserving as open space hundreds of marshland acres on northern Richmond's waterfront...
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